The Ultimate Resume Makeover Guide


Jumpstart Your Job Search, Hear Back From Almost Every Recruiter You Send Your Resume and Advance Your Career

…with a winning resume that brings multiple befitting interviews and enviable job offers 

Your amazing qualification is simply one of the factors that determine if you make it to the job interview. 

But many times, other factors have the upper hand, like your competition and your resume.

You can’t control the competition but YOU HAVE ABSOLUTE POWER OVER YOUR RESUME.

With a commanding resume, you:

  • Put yourself forward with confidence
  • Catch the instant attention of your recruiter 
  • Impress and say the exact things your recruiter wants to hear
  • Prove that you are the most qualified among hundreds of applicants
  • Highlight the specific achievements and experiences that suit the job application
  • Win the Job!

And before all these, you want to beat the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Then scale through for the expected interview and get the exact role you want!

But many professionals and applicants submit unworthy resumes that don’t even make it through the ATS!


And become 100x more confident in your winning resume, hear back from 95% of the recruiters you send your resume to, and increase your job offers.

Working on your resume doesn’t have to be overwhelming yet yielding minimal results.

The Ultimate Resume Makeover Guide makes the process easy, simple to understand, fun and creative!

And when you’re done, you’d have an excellent professional resume that jumps all application hurdles and steals the hearts of recruiters.

I’m Alecia Ore and in 13+ years as an HR Director, I’ve been recruiting/managing talents and coaching individuals at all career stages on resume writing, interview preparation and job search strategy.

When you get the guide, you’ll learn the key strategies, examples, and must-haves of a winning resume. 

I have reviewed countless job seekers’ resumes so you’ll know:

  • The most common mistakes to avoid in your resume
  • How to beat the ATS
  • The little-known resume checklist
  • Job market statistics today and
  • The essential worksheet for a victorious interview!

That will land you your DREAM JOB AND ADVANCE YOUR CAREER.