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Steps to Follow While Making the Right Career Choice

Steps to Follow While Making the Right Career Choice

Career choice is a difficult decision in the life of most teenagers and young adults. Usually, they are afraid of whether they can make a good choice or can't. Additionally, societal pressure and expectations also influence their mind at that time. Then to choose a...

How to Deal with Workplace Stress

How to Deal with Workplace Stress

Dozens of people are suffering from workplace stress. It is a bodily response. It could be in form of any physical or emotional change or even both. And it must cause distress in your life. In short, we can say it is a conflict between work, environment, routine,...

30 Positive Career Journey Affirmations

30 Positive Career Journey Affirmations

Affirmations are positive and powerful statements that help you to overcome negative thoughts and self-sabotage. When you repeat the affirmations often and believe in them, you can begin to see positive changes. During your job hunting journey, a positive mindset is...

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I can’t say enough good things about Career Business Bar. I reached out to Alecia because I was looking to make a transition in my career after 25 years. When speaking with Alecia I knew I had made a great decision. She delivered a quality resume that stood out, and landed me several interviews. Alecia is proficient and professional. She gives your resume that special touch that will get your resume noticed. By hiring Alecia, your are investing in your career.

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