Neglecting one’s self-care at work is as harmful to the work as to health. How? If you don’t practice self-care at work, you will incline towards health issues, burnout, and fatigue. Similarly, practicing self-care is beneficial. Now the question arises, how to practice self-care at work? In this blog, I’ll share some smart ways of practicing self-care at work.

Drink water

Drinking water sounds very common but staying hydrated keeps you energized, which in return provokes good health.

Make the desk a relaxing space

While working, people often experience some stress. To deal with such a situation, decorate your desk with the things you love by keeping office decorum under consideration. You can place some vases or stress balls to make the desk a relaxing space for you.

Ask for help

Few people are reluctant to ask for help when they need it. Thus they get more stressed. To avoid this condition, ask for help from your colleagues and boss when you need it. It will also depict a positive impression of you on the other person that you are sincere to your responsibilities.

Say “NO” to the projects you can’t do

Show some assertiveness. If you can’t complete the project by that deadline or you are unable to do it, try saying “NO” to it. Similarly, saying “NO” to the favor other asks you, costs your mental peace.

Make close friends

By making close friends at the workplace, you will feel connected to your work environment. And of course, you’ll feel motivated to come to the workplace, and the presence of friends makes you feel fresh.

Pack a healthy & delicious lunch

Take care of yourself by bringing healthy lunch for you every day. It will also work as reinforcement for your routine task, and you can’t skip a meal even you are busy due to its deliciousness.

Set goals

Divide regular tasks into chunks and reward yourself after completing every small goal. It not only helps you in completing routine work but also keeps you away from work exhaustion.

Focus on the current task

Most of us think about other worries and problems while working and we start feeling fatigued even during early work hours. To avoid this situation, focus on the task you are performing. Try to live in the current moment and get the most out of it. It will enhance the sense of usefulness.

Do a short meditation!

Try practicing meditation when you feel tired doing work. 4-5 minutes of meditation will set you free from work stress and fatigue.

Eat healthy snacks

Instead of eating junk and unhealthy food, try switching towards healthy snacking, this not only compliments your health but also your mood and performance.

Set boundaries

To avoid workplace politics, set boundaries for colleagues. So no one can enter your private zone or disturb your mental peace.

Avoid self-criticism

Mistakes are part of human nature. Never criticize yourself for your mistakes. Consider mistakes as an opportunity to learn. Be kind to yourself and show some self-compassion.

Do a few body stretches!

To get rid of physical fatigue at work, practice somebody stretches. That you can easily do by sitting on a chair, like an arm and shoulder stretching, leg stretching, etc.

Take a short walk

Try doing a short walk during the break. This change in place while walking will leave a pleasant impact on your mood and help you feel fresh.

Never ignore self-care at work! Follow the above tips to keep your health physically and mentally fit to perform better at work.