During the job search process, it can get overwhelming and frustrating to apply for positions time after time. It can feel like you’re spending so much time and effort with little return on investment. This feeling is normal and it is one that thousands of people share. However, there’s a solution and it starts with self-love. You may be feeling like you’re already doing yourself a service by searching for new opportunities to enhance your life but when is the last time that you’ve actually focused on you and not your actions? Self-love is simply having a regard for one’s own well-being and happiness. By applying self-love to your job search process, it can give you a renowned sense of empowerment and energy to apply for positions with ease and confidence. Here’s 5 ways to add self-love to your job search process:

1. Positive Self-Talk

The level of abundance in fruitful opportunities starts with you. You are the creator of your own reality. Your thoughts, good or bad, manifest into your life in the form of people, opportunities, and events. If you constantly say “I can’t find a good job,” then guess what? You may have a difficult time finding one. It’s just that simple. Shift your mindset to think positively about your job search process by showing gratitude and welcoming new opportunities, even if they haven’t come your way yet. You can practice saying positive daily affirmations such as “I am attracting the perfect opportunity for my talents” or “I am thankful for the perfect job that is now apart of my life.” Your subconscious begins to believe your positive thoughts to attract exactly what you desire. Download these positive affirmation phone wallpapers to be reminded frequently.

2. Promote Yourself

Often times, people expect employers to just offer them a promotion and/or new job opportunity but haven’t even promoted themselves yet. If you reached a new milestone, earned a degree or certification, or trail-blazed a new initiative, brag on yourself! Update your LinkedIn Profile and/or send an email to your network of colleagues to update them on your achievements. Promoting yourself could lead to new opportunities, partnerships or clients!

3. Upgrade Your Resume

Take a good look at your resume, do you see tangible results, numbers, achievements, or explanations on how you performed your work? If not, chances are that your resume is missing some value. Hiring managers don’t want to just know what job duties you were expected to perform, they want to know the results. Transform the work history section of your resume to instantly add value. Download this guide to show you how! You can also take it a step further and invest in yourself by hiring a Professional Resume Writer to re-write your resume.

4. Practice Self-Care

Spending so much time, energy, and effort into searching for a new job can lead to burnout. Schedule some time to take a break to detach, decompress and do some activities that bring you happiness and re-energize you. These activities could include: exercising, watching a movie, giving yourself a facial, spending time with loved ones, or listening to a playlist of your favorite songs. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that it serves you well!

5. Journal the Process

Every job search process is unique to each job seeker because your experiences, personality and journey is different. The process can be difficult at times and challenging for others around you to understand. Allow yourself to the space to process these emotions, thoughts and feelings by writing down your job search experience in a journal. Not only will it help you to release some negative thoughts but it’s also a way to revisit any actions that worked or didn’t work in the future. You can apply those ideas or actions to level up in the future.

Applying these self-love practices can give you a new found sense of confidence, positive energy and mindfulness. Come back and let us know how these ways helped you!