Getting the interview is just half the battle. You must sell yourself in the interview so that the employer walks away feeling like you offer something unique that they need. One way to be sure that you “seal the deal” in the interview is to prepare yourself before the interview occurs. In order to prepare, it’s best to be ready for the questions that you may be asked. Going over the questions beforehand and having in mind what your response will be, will not only make you feel confident but that confidence will project onto the employer as it shows that you can communicate well, you think quick on your feet and you are sure of yourself.

5 Questions You Should Be Prepared to Answer

1. Tell me about yourself.

Give a quick summary about yourself, professionally. Leave out personal details such as how many kids you have, your marital status or your age. Talk more specifically about your job history and try to highlight what tasks you performed that relate to the position you’re interviewing for.

2. What are your strengths?

This is your time to shine. Employers already know what tasks you’ve performed, so be sure to include that you have good people skills such as being a good team player, great customer service skills or that you communicate well. Employers want to know that your personality will be one that is easy to work with.

3. What are your weaknesses?

It’s important to answer the question by explaining a true weakness that you have but also explain how you’ve worked hard to improve upon your weakness. For example, your weakness could be public speaking. You could explain how you’ve made efforts to improve this weakness by taking public speaking classes, practicing in front of peers or joining a support group. Be sure to explain how your weakness has improved since making efforts to strengthen it.

4. If I were to ask your current or past manager about your work ethic, what would they say?

Again, here is a chance to make your strengths shine and relate them to the job that you are interviewing for. Explain how you prioritize your work, you are a team player and you go above and beyond to make sure expectations are met.

5. Why should we hire you over the other candidates being interviewed?

Explain why your skills and experience are what they need and why. The goal is to make the employer believe that they need you, not that you need them. Be confident!

**Bonus Question** Do you have any questions for me/us?

If you don’t have any questions prepared, be sure to read 15 Questions You Should Be Asking in Your Next Interview.


Remember to Sell Yourself and Make the Employer Believe That They Need You!