Affirmations are positive and powerful statements that help you to overcome negative thoughts and self-sabotage. When you repeat the affirmations often and believe in them, you can begin to see positive changes. During your job hunting journey, a positive mindset is essential to staying the course and not giving up on the dream career that you’ve envisioned for yourself.

Here are 30 affirmations to dispel insecurities and self-doubt to secure your DREAM JOB:


  1. My professional life is a journey, not a destination. I am in charge of my professional path.
  2. I am confident in my objectives and know what I am striving toward.
  3. I am capable of accomplishing my career goals.
  4. I am entitled to pursue my passions and fight for my job goals.
  5. I am free to change my mind about my job choice.
  6. I am passionate and dedicated to the path I choose.
  7. I am determined for my voice to be heard through my career choices.
  8. I am confident that my dream career is waiting for me.
  9. I am fully equipped to pursue my career of choice.
  10. I believe I will succeed in my career journey.
  11. I am pumped up and ready to find my dream career.
  12. I am open to new and exciting opportunities.
  13. I envision myself working in my ideal position.
  14. My potential is infinite, and my professionalism is flawless.
  15. I am dedicated to building a profession on my own terms.
  16. I have the ability to shift course as I feel led in order to find my ultimate position.
  17. I assert my worth and persevere in the face of adversity.
  18. My ideal career respects my worth, passions, and integrity.
  19. I am dedicated to long-term success.
  20. I have the strength to face and overcome my worries.
  21. I have the abilities and knowledge necessary to make the greatest career selections.
  22. I am laser-focused and committed to my job and ambitions.
  23. I produce remarkable outcomes in my field.
  24. I have the motivation and determination to achieve my objectives.
  25. Rest assured, I am on the correct track in my career.
  26. I give myself permission to develop and learn.
  27. I have what it takes to achieve the summit of my field.
  28. I am a natural leader and professional.
  29. I use my time wisely and productively.
  30. I am in alignment with my career.