Career choice is a difficult decision in the life of most teenagers and young adults. Usually, they are afraid of whether they can make a good choice or can’t. Additionally, societal pressure and expectations also influence their mind at that time. Then to choose a better career, people often visit career counselors. Sometimes, they do not have enough resources to do so. To elevate this career choice confusion, I’ll cover some steps to follow while making the right career choice in this blog, so stick around.

Steps for career choice


The first and the most important step are to analyze you. Discover your skills, interests, personality, and values. Based on this analysis, you can decide on further options to explore. As it is the crucial step, so do your self-assessment very keenly.

Identify and research options!

Once you are done with your self-assessment and you are very sure about it, and then research career options that accommodate your assessment. It means listing down the careers that compliment your personality, skills, values, and interests. Prepare a list with the sequence of top most as the best one and last one as least suitable option.

Conduct informational interviews

After preparing a list of suitable career options, conduct informational interviews with people relevant to those fields. By doing so, you can explore the professional implication of that career. It will help you to strengthen your decision.

Evaluate and prioritize

After getting information about listed careers, choose what you found most beneficial and suitable to explore by analyzing the responses of individuals of relevant fields.

Take action and try options!

Now enter into the field you decided as per analysis, and explore it by digging deep into the opportunities of it.

Reflect and re-evaluate

Once you decided on that field by yourself for at least a week, re-evaluate it and conclude whether you found it good or not. If you are not satisfied with it, start your analysis process immediately to explore the suitable one. If you are satisfied with that field, move toward the next step.

Identify your goal

Now make smart goals to excel in that career.

Write a career action plan!

Devise a plan to achieve your goals on realistic grounds. Start acting on it without wasting any time.

Obtain training

Obtain professional training relevant to your field and explore diverse opportunities in it.

What should be avoided, while choosing the right career?

Don’t get persuaded

As I mentioned earlier, societal influence is at its peak at this stage. People try to direct you to the path of their choice and defend their suggestions with multiple examples. You have to be vigilant enough to deal with such situations and don’t get persuaded by their justifications.

Don’t get easily influenced!

Never get influenced by the stories of others instantly because every person has different abilities and different circumstances. So never let yourself be influenced by every story because it can affect your decision.

A year drop- not a big deal

If you feel you are not able to decide appropriately or you did a mistake in choosing, take a gap. It’s okay to take a gap year instead of choosing a career you are not interested in.

Change of plan is alright!

Never be afraid to change the plan. If you feel your strategy is not working appropriately, be flexible enough to change it. But don’t always go for changing the entire strategy instead of making a few changes to it.

Finally, after deciding stock to your plan, make history by working with your full potential.